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Concert of Oleg Gazmanov
Concert of Oleg Gazmanov

In Heydar Aliyev's Palace will take place a concert of the famous singer, artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov and "Eskandron" group will take place. At the concert will be performed new compositions and old hits.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   08 December - 19:00   
ticket: 29-200 AZN  
Concert of Azis
Concert of Azis

"Xattab Organization" invites you to a concert of Bulgarian star! On December, 19 for a second time in Baku will give a concert extravagant Bulgarian singer Azis. A concert will take place in "Elektra Events Hall". Bright surprises, interesting competitions, official DJ of evening DJ Erdi Iltash!

Concerts   Elektra Events Hall   19 December - 21:00   
ticket: 20, 100, 150 AZN  

EMIN's concert
EMIN's concert

On December, 20 at 19:00 in Heydar Aliyev Palace will take place traditional winter Baku performance of EMIN! The actor will please admirers as the well-known hits, and new compositions. 

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   20 December - 19:00   
ticket: 20-200 AZN  
Concert of Azerbaijan State Choral Chapel
Concert of Azerbaijan State Choral Chapel

The Azerbaijan State Choral Chapel will give the concert on the Philharmony stage. The art director and the main conductor of the ensemble– Gulbadzhi Imanova.

Classical music   Philarmony   23 December - 19:00  
ticket: 4-15 AZN  

Concert of Symphonic orchestra
Concert of Symphonic orchestra

The Azerbaijan State symphonic orchestra will give a concert at the State Philharmonyl. Conductor - Fakhraddin Kerimov.

Classical music   Philarmony   25 December - 19:00  
ticket: 4-15 AZN  
Miri Yusif's concert
Miri Yusif's concert

Solo concert of the famous azerbaijan singer Miri Yusif will take place at Elektra Events Hall. The program of future performance will be based on the most popular old and new tracks. 

Concerts   Elektra Events Hall   25 December - 20:00   
ticket: 30, 100 AZN  

Concert of Rafet el Roman
Concert of Rafet el Roman

On December, 27 in Elektra Events Hall, on the eve of New Year, in Baku will take place concert of the famous Turkish singer Rafet el Roman. He will present both his old songs and new musical creations.

Concerts   Baku Entertaining Centre   27 December - 21:00   
ticket: 40, 150, 200 AZN  

Jazzy evening
28 November   International Mugam Centre  

Concert "The happy world of children"
21 November   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Concert of Fidan Kasimova and Huraman Kasimova
21 November   Philarmony  

Anniversary concert of Valery Meladze
19 November   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Concert of Gabrielle Stravelli
18 November    

Concert of chamber music
13 November   Philarmony  

Tarana Muradova's concert
11 November   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Concert of State Symphonic orchestra
10 November   Philarmony  

Concert of "Göy-Göl" ensemble
09 November   International Mugam Centre  

Concert of Lyubov Uspenskaya
06 November   H.Aliyev's Palace  

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22 August 2015 - 20:00  
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14 August 2015 - 20:00  
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27 June 2015 - 20:00  
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20 June 2015 - 22:00   Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort
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H.Aliyev's Palace

Concert of Oleg Gazmanov 08 December - 19:00   
EMIN's concert 20 December - 19:00   

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Elektra Events Hall

Concert of Azis 19 December - 21:00   
Miri Yusif's concert 25 December - 20:00   

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