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Music festival "Homefest Novkhani"
Music festival "Homefest Novkhani"

On August, 23 in Novkhany will take place the musical festival under the name "Homefest Novkhani" with participation of 7 rock groups. This festival will be organized for the first time. Sponsor of the Homefest Novkhani project: "OUR Studio".  Organizer: Agshin Sokhraboglu. "Homefest Novkhani" will take place near Aqua Park at the cottage with a big area. Soon, cottage photos, additional information, and also promo video we will share on our site.

Concerts     Today - 18:00  
ticket: 10 AZN  
Concert of In-Grid and "Love Italy"
Concert of In-Grid and "Love Italy"

The name Ingrid was given by her parents as tribute to the actress and movie star Ingrid Bergman, who was her father's favorite. Ingrid's parents ran a movie theatre in a small city near Parma and Reggio Emilia, an area known as the cradle of Italian music, either classical or modern. Ingrid grew up watching movies and listening to sound tracks which, as herself declares, had a major influence on her decision to become a singer.

Concerts     06 September - 21:00  
ticket: 300, 700 AZN  

Concert of "Okean Elzy" band
Concert of "Okean Elzy" band

Okean Elzy is the most famous and most decorated Ukrainian rock band. Okean Elzy has been recognized many times as the best rock-and live-band of the CIS by their admirers and music critics. The band vividly express themselves through in-depth lyrics, a unique musical style, and an impressive on-stage drive and energy. Okean Elzy’s records always resonate with their listeners and become an event not only for music lovers in Ukraine, but for the community as a whole.

Concerts   The Green Theatre   06 September - 20:00   
ticket: 20-200 AZN  
Greenfest festival
Greenfest festival

This summer in Baku will take place the great musical Greenfest festival! Known rock bands from Turkey "Duman", "Mor ve Otesi", "Manga" will participate in a festival. Additional information will be soon!

Festival   Baku Crystal Hall   12 September - 17:00  
ticket: 25, 35 AZN  

Concert of "Los Reyes Gipsy Kings"
Concert of "Los Reyes Gipsy Kings"

On September, 13 one of the most popular groups "Los Reyes Gipsy Kings" will give a concert in Ramada hotel in Baku. Soloists of group will present to the audience the known hits. Tickets for a concert of Los Reyes Gipsy Kings will go on sale soon in Ramada hotel.

Concerts     13 September - 21:00  
ticket: 60, 150 AZN  
Concert of azerbaijan pop music stars
Concert of azerbaijan pop music stars

In Heydar Aliyev's Palace in Baku will take place the concert, dated for opening of a new season. Known Azerbaijan performers, singers and dancers collectives will take part in the concert program.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   19 September - 19:00   
ticket: 10-30 AZN  

Concert of Dima Bilan
Concert of Dima Bilan

The best singer of 2010 in Russia (Muz TV version), the winner of the international song contest "Eurovision 2008", the owner of many MTV awards, and also winner of MTV Europe Music Awards in the nomination «Best Russian Act», will give a concert in Baku! His concert will take place on September, 25th in Heydar Aliyev's Palace!

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   25 September - 20:00  
ticket: 27-195 AZN  
Concert of Serdar Ortadzh
Concert of Serdar Ortadzh

On September, 27 at Open-air Theatre will take place the concert of Turkish pop star Serdar Ortadzh. He will present new songs and old hits.

Concerts   The Green Theatre   27 September - 20:00  
ticket: 45-250 AZN  
Elena Vaenga's concert
Elena Vaenga's concert

The theatrical and concert agency "Premyera" represents: For the first time in Baku on September, 28 Elena Vayenga will give a concert in Heydar Aliyev's Palace. Elena Vayenga is a phenomenon of the Russian music. Elena Vayenga's concerts differ originality. The singer tries to make each part the real holiday for the viewer. She has a beautiful voice, an original scenic image and multifigurativeness of repertoire. Elena wrote the first song "Pigeons" in 9 years, having become the winner of All-Union competition of young composers.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   28 September - 20:00   
ticket: 30-270 AZN  
Any Lorak's concert
Any Lorak's concert

Any Lorak- is the national actress of Ukraine, sexual singer who is already hold two solo concerts in the National palace of arts "Ukraine", 10 albums, 2 singles, biographic video film, 24 video. She represented Ukraine, with Phillip Kirkorov's song «Shady lady», and taken second place on "Eurovision-2008"! Her second concert will take place in the Palace of Geydar Aliev in Baku! 

Pop-music   H.Aliyev's Palace   25 October - 20:00   
ticket: 25-195 AZN  
Concert of Andrey Makarevich with Orchestra of the Creole tango
Concert of Andrey Makarevich with Orchestra of the Creole tango

The popular Russian musician Andrey Makarevich with Orchestra of the Creole tango will give a concert on October, 31 in Heydar Aliyev's Palace. Cooperation of jazz musicians and the leader of "Mashina vremeni" band proceeds many years. Makarevich also released eight solo albums, participated in regular TV shows and assisted other groups and artists.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   31 October - 20:00   
ticket: 30-220 AZN  
Solo concert of Efim Shifrin
Solo concert of Efim Shifrin

For the first time in Baku, only on November, 8 and 9, 2014, at the Russian Drama theater will take plac Efim Shifrin's solo concert "Shifrinizmy - New". Efim Shifrin on stage since 1977, when he played the first role in the Moscow State University Student's theater. The stage and film actor, the singer-performer, the writer, and since 1990 — the art director of own theater, owner of many awards. Tickets are on sale in ticket office of theater and city.

Concerts   Russian Drama Theatre   08 November , 09 November - 19:00  
ticket: 20-38 AZN  
Sevara Nazarkhan's concert
Sevara Nazarkhan's concert

For the second time in Baku will take place the solo concert of world ethnic music star Sevara Nazarkhan. Action will take place in Mugam's International Center. Sevara Nazarkhan- Uzbek singer, and also the performer of traditional Uzbek music, author of verses and music. She was born in Andizhan, studied in the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. She is successful singer in Uzbekistan.

Concerts   International Mugam Centre   08 November , 09 November - 20:00  
ticket: 38-125 AZN  
Lara Fabian's concert
Lara Fabian's concert

The very unique voice of Lara Fabian is well-known by millions of people around the globe. With over 20 million records sold worldwide she is the best-selling Belgian female artist of all time. Her songs include “Je t’aime”, “Adagio”, ”Tout”, “I will love again”, to name a few, have become hits and remain among the most famous songs to be  interpreted at song contest castings like “The Voice”. Lara Fabian will perform her greatest hits in an unplugged performance together with 4 amazing musicians.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   23 November - 20:00  
ticket: 40-280 AZN  

Concert of Bahh Tee
17 August    

Concert of "Pin Up girls" project
17 August   Amburan Beach Club  

Concert of "Plohoe radio" band
10 August   Otto  

Concert Oya Ergun
02 August   Kapellhaus  

Concert of Robertino Loreti
20 July   International Mugam Centre  

Alexander Revva's concert
19 July   Amburan Beach Club  

Eldar Gasymov's concert
18 July   Equinox  

EMIN's concert
17 July   The Green Theatre  

Concert of Ayten Magerramova and "Aypara" trio
15 July   Miniature art gallery "Khatai"  

Creative evening devoted to memory of Rovshan Sananoglu
03 July   The center of the modern art  



Alexander Revva's concert 19 July 2014 - 22:00    Amburan Beach Club
Alexander Revva's concert - photo 1Alexander Revva's concert - photo 2
Eldar Gasymov's concert 18 July 2014 - 21:00   Equinox
Eldar Gasymov's concert - photo 1Eldar Gasymov's concert - photo 2
EMIN's concert 21 June 2014 - 17:00  
EMIN's concert - photo 1EMIN's concert - photo 2
Timaty in Baku 17 May 2014 - 22:00   Buta Palace
Timaty in Baku - photo 1Timaty in Baku - photo 2

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Events table

International Mugam Centre

Sevara Nazarkhan's concert 08 November , 09 November - 20:00  

full list

The Green Theatre

Concert of "Okean Elzy" band 06 September - 20:00   
Concert of Serdar Ortadzh 27 September - 20:00  

full list

H.Aliyev's Palace

Concert of azerbaijan pop music stars 19 September - 19:00   
Concert of Dima Bilan 25 September - 20:00  

full list

Concert of In-Grid and "Love Italy"  06 September - 21:00  

Concert of "Los Reyes Gipsy Kings"  13 September - 21:00  

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