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Concert of string quartet
Concert of string quartet

On the stage of the Hall of a chamber and organ music wil take place concert of a string quartet.

Concert of State Piano Trio
Concert of State Piano Trio

In the Hall of the Chamber and Organ music will take place a concert of the Azerbaijan State Piano Trio. Concert will begin at 19:00.   

Classical music   Chamber and organ music hall   27 January - 19:00  
ticket: 6, 10 AZN  

Concert of Azerbaijani State dance ensemble
Concert of Azerbaijani State dance ensemble

The Azerbaijani State dance ensemble will give a concert on stage of the State Philharmony. Art director of ensemble - Afag Melikova.

Dances   Philarmony   27 January - 19:00   
Concert of the State Choral Chapel
Concert of the State Choral Chapel

The Azerbaijan State Choral Chapel will give a concert on the stage of the Hall of the Chamber and organ music. The art director and the main conductor – Gyulbadzhy Imanova.   

Concerts   Chamber and organ music hall   28 January - 19:00  
ticket: 6, 10 AZN  

Julia Plaksina's concert
Julia Plaksina's concert

On January 31, 2015 in Baku Jazz Center will take place a concert of a favourite of the show "H-factor", the finalist of the musical competition "New Wave-2014" Julia Plaksina with the debut solo program. In the program of evening we will present performance from DJ Wave, and also many surprises. 

Concerts   Baku Jazz Center   31 January - 21:00   
Concert of L'One
Concert of L'One

In popular Baku club Opera Sky on February, 7 will take place evening of known hip-hop performer L'One. Star ambassador of the first European games - 2015 in Baku DJ Shock, and also Dj Tim will take part in the evening. 

Rap, Hip-hop   Opera Sky   07 February - 22:00  
ticket: 25, 60, 100 AZN  

Anniversary concert of "Sadnos" band
Anniversary concert of "Sadnos" band

On February, 15 in Otto club will take place the big anniversary rock concert of Sadnos group! A concert is dated for anniversary of the founder and permanent leader of Sadnos group - the guitarist Alexander Goncharov! Musicians from known Baku rock groups will participate in a concert!

Rock   Otto   15 February - 18:00   
ticket: 10 AZN  
Elnara Abdullayeva's concert
Elnara Abdullayeva's concert

The popular Azerbaijan mugam performer Elnara Abdullayeva will give a concert in Heydar Aliyev's Palace. Tickets: 20-80 AZN.

Mugam   H.Aliyev's Palace   20 February - 19:00   
ticket: 20-80 AZN  
Concert of Bobby McFerrin
Concert of Bobby McFerrin

Robert Keith "Bobby" McFerrin, Jr. (born March 11, 1950) is an American vocalist and conductor. He is best known for his 1988 hit song "Don't Worry, Be Happy". He is a ten-time Grammy Award winner. He is known for his unique vocal techniques, including giving the illusion of polyphony by singing an accompaniment alongside the melody, making use of percussive effects and making large jumps in pitch; as well as improvising much of his performed music, including melody, chords and sounds in a form of scat singing.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   28 February - 20:00   
ticket: 29-220 AZN  
Concert of "Be sheherde"
Concert of "Be sheherde"

From March, 5 to March, 9 at 19:00 at the Palace of Heydar Aliyev will take place the next humour concert of "Bu sheherde" with participation of Raphael and Dzhoshgun.

Humour   H.Aliyev's Palace   05 March - 09 March  
ticket: 20-120 AZN  
Rock   The Green Theatre   30 May  
ticket: 19-129 AZN  
Concert of "Nochnie snaipery" band
Concert of "Nochnie snaipery" band

On July, 11, concert of "Nochnie Snaipery" band will take place at the Open Theatre. The legendary collective will perform songs from a new album "The Boy on a Sphere" and the best "sniper" hits at "Open-air theater". This band is the integral part of the Russian rock music. The permanent leader of collective Diana Arbenina made a significant contribution to development of the Russian musical culture during 20 years. More than 20 years she lives a rock'n'roll and goes on tour together with the group worldwide.of 

Concerts   The Green Theatre   11 July - 20:00   
Concert of "Boombox" band
Concert of "Boombox" band

On August, the 1st in Baku will take the next concert of the Ukrainian group "Boombox"! A cheerful Ukrainian band in colorful baseball caps and wide trousers - "Boombox". This collective came to Baku with concerts earlier. Their music - is a mix of different musical directions. It's not funk and not a jazz, not hip-hop and not pop music, and not rock. It is something special. Lyrical sounds of acoustic guitar, pathetic vocal – it is some secrets of this group.   

Concerts   The Green Theatre   01 August - 20:00  
ticket: 20-90 AZN  

Concert of Azerbaijan state orchestra
23 January   Philarmony  

The concert devoted to memory of January, 20 victims
17 January   Philarmony  

Concert of Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra
16 January   Philarmony  

Miri Yusif's concert
10 January   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Ulviya Ragimova's concert
09 January   Baku Jazz Center  

Concert of Symphonic Orchestra
08 January   Philarmony  

Concert devoted to Ilham Azmanly's anniversary
29 December   Chamber and organ music hall  

New Year performance
29 December   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Concert of Azerbaijan State Symphonic Orchestra
26 December   Philarmony  

Concert of he Dance and song ensemble
24 December   Philarmony  



Tribute to Rock 19 October 2014 - 18:00    Otto
Tribute to Rock - photo 1Tribute to Rock - photo 2
Alexander Revva's concert 19 July 2014 - 22:00    Amburan Beach Club
Alexander Revva's concert - photo 1Alexander Revva's concert - photo 2
Eldar Gasymov's concert 18 July 2014 - 21:00   Equinox
Eldar Gasymov's concert - photo 1Eldar Gasymov's concert - photo 2
EMIN's concert 21 June 2014 - 17:00  
EMIN's concert - photo 1EMIN's concert - photo 2

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H.Aliyev's Palace

Elnara Abdullayeva's concert 20 February - 19:00   
Concert of Bobby McFerrin 28 February - 20:00   

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