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Nyusha's concert
Nyusha's concert

On September, 26 in the Palace of Heydar Aliyev will take place a long-awaited concert of a young and talented star of the Russian pop music Nyusha. A star of the Russian musical sky, storming with a positive energy! Nyusha possesses own manner of performance and a unique natural timbre of a voice. Fantastically light power, kindness, charm and sincerity of this girl doesn't leave indifferent any person. 

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   26 September - 20:00  
ticket: 29-169 AZN  
Stas Mikhaylov's concert
Stas Mikhaylov's concert

On October, 1st at the Heydar Aliyev Palace will take place concert of popular singer in Russia Stas Mikhaylov. Stas Mikhaylov - the Russian singer, the author of songs, the honored artist of the Russian Federation. The winner of the awards "Chanson of Year" in the nomination "Actor of Year".

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   01 October - 20:00  

Tribute to Rock vol.2
Tribute to Rock vol.2

On October, 4 in Otto club will take place big Rock Concert! We invite all fans of rock and metal music to the real rock holiday! The main program - the famous rock hits, performed by Azerbaijan rock groups, and also author's songs. Rock bands: Sadnos, Milan, Altun Zeynalov, Meridian will take party in the concert.

Rock   Otto   04 October - 18:00  
ticket: 10 AZN  
Concert of Lyubov Uspenskaya
Concert of Lyubov Uspenskaya

On November, 6 in the Palace of Geydar Aliyev will take place a concert of the Queen of the Russian chanson Lyubov Uspenskaya. Tickets for a concert will go on sale in the next few days. We will remind that organizers of this concert is J&J Production.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   06 November - 20:00  
ticket: 30-220 AZN  

Anniversary concert of Valery Meladze
Anniversary concert of Valery Meladze

Anniversary concert of Valery Meladze in honor of his 50 anniversary will take place in Baku. One of the most popular and talented Russian singers will present the most popular songs and hits. Tickets on sale in cash desks of the city.

Concerts   H.Aliyev's Palace   19 November - 19:00  
ticket: 30-129 AZN  

Concert of Bahh Tee
07 August    

Concert of "Boombox" band
01 August   The Green Theatre  

Miri Yusif's concert
25 July   The Green Theatre  

Concert of ashugs
25 June   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Concert of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
20 June   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Concert of young mugam performers
18 June   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Concert of Chamber Orchestra
18 June   Philarmony  

Concert of Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion
15 June   Philarmony  

Concert devoted to the opening ceremony of the European Games
13 June   Philarmony  

Concert of Mario Biondi
06 June   The Green Theatre  

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14 August 2015 - 20:00  
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27 June 2015 - 20:00  
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20 June 2015 - 22:00   Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort
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03 April 2015 - 21:00   Buta Palace
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H.Aliyev's Palace

Nyusha's concert 26 September - 20:00  
Stas Mikhaylov's concert 01 October - 20:00  

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