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Freestyle: RADIO VIDEO Live Concert
Freestyle: RADIO VIDEO Live Concert

You are all invited to live performance by RADIO VIDEO band at the stage of YARAT Centre. RADIO VIDEO is a band based in Baku, Azerbaijan. The band was formed in the middle of 2011 and the name of the band was born in the process and pursued exclusively commercial interests. In the beginning musicians performed covers, however nowadays they play songs composed by them. RADIO VIDEO in their music mix unrequited love and tiny observations about obscure elements of life. They play indie rock, ambience and sometimes rock the stage louder.

Concerts   YARAT Contemporary Art Center   22 December - 19:00   
ticket:  AZN  
New Years celebration
New Years celebration

On January 2, 3 and 4 for the little audience on a scene of the Heydar Aliyev Palace will take place New Years celebration and performance. Tickets are available in cash desks of the city.

Children's   H.Aliyev's Palace   02 January - 04 January  
ticket:  AZN  

Freestyle: Emin Eminzada – Workshop & Live Concert
08 December   YARAT Contemporary Art Center  

Museum night “Feel the east”
03 December   YARAT Contemporary Art Center  

Concert "Sound Waves"
03 December   International Mugam Centre  

Vienna Strauss Festival Orchestra concert
01 December   Heydar Aliyev Center  

Live music event with Samira Efendiyeva and Tunzala Agayeva
30 November   YARAT Contemporary Art Center  

Gentle objects: Aisel Live performance
24 November   YARAT Contemporary Art Center  

First Indonesian Cultural Festival
20 November   International Mugam Centre  

Tord Gustavsen Quartet
26 October   International Mugam Centre  

Eren Coskuner Quartet's consert
24 October   Rotunda  

Concert of "Dervish" band
15 September   YARAT Contemporary Art Center  

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H.Aliyev's Palace

New Years celebration 02 January - 04 January  

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