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Classic music concert
Classic music concert

Within the VI Musical Festival of Kara Karayev, on April 21 at 19:00 in the Hall of a chamber and organ music will take place classical music concert. Program...

Concerts   Chamber and organ music hall   Today - 19:00   
Concert "Love story"
Concert "Love story"

On Apri, 22 at 19:00 in the International mugam center will take place a concert "Love story". In the program: A. Schoenberg, A. Webern, A. Berg, F.Shreker, H.Pfitsner, A. Tsemlinsky. Soloists: Farid Mamedov (soprano, Azerbaijan) and Gyulshen Annagiyeva (piano, Azerbaijan).

Classical music   International Mugam Centre   22 April - 19:00   

Multimedia opera
Multimedia opera

On April, 23 at 19:00 in the Azerbaijan State theater of the young viewer will take place the multimedia opera. Vladimir Tarnopolsky (1955) – Jenseits der Schatten. The Studio of New Music (Russia) will participate in a concert. Conductors: Igor Dronov and Fuad Ibragimov.

Concerts   Theatre of young spectator   23 April - 19:00   
Aid's concert
Aid's concert

On April, 26 in Baku Jazz Center will take place concert of the famous Azerbaijan rapper Aid. Old hits, songs from a new album, interesting duets and covers wait for all fans of Aid. Tickets are available at Jazz Center. 

Rap, Hip-hop   Baku Jazz Center   26 April - 18:00   
ticket: 20, 35, 50 AZN  

Natig Shirinov's concert
Natig Shirinov's concert

Concert of the honored artist of Azerbaijan Natig Shirinov will take place at the International mugam center. Natig Shirinov is the world famous expert in the Azerbaijan national music. He is known as the innovator of style of national music, for his eksperimentation with music steps. He is the first rhythm composer of Azerbaijan.

Az. National   International Mugam Centre   02 May - 19:00  
ticket: 28-80 AZN  
Concert of Vlad Stashevsky
Concert of Vlad Stashevsky

The legend of the 90th, the popular singer Vlad Stashevsky will give a concert in Baku on May, 29 at 21.00 on stage Baku Jazz Center with the big exclusive program with new and best songs! After a long break hecomes back to Azerbaijan to present the audience new compositions and smash hits. 

Concerts   Baku Jazz Center   29 May - 21:00   

Rock   The Green Theatre   30 May  
ticket: 19-129 AZN  
Concert of Mario Biondi
Concert of Mario Biondi

Mario Biondi is an Italian singer. Born in Catania, Italy, the son of a popular song singer, during his youth sang in various small choirs. Years after he accompanied Franco Califano, Peppino Di Capri, Fred Bongusto, Rosario Fiorello and others on their Concert tours. After a long series of participations with Italian and international artists, and a small production of disco music, during 2006 he achieved success with the Schema Records album Handful of Soul.

Concerts   The Green Theatre   06 June  
Concert of "Nochnie snaipery" band
Concert of "Nochnie snaipery" band

On July, 11, concert of "Nochnie Snaipery" band will take place at the Open Theatre. The legendary collective will perform songs from a new album "The Boy on a Sphere" and the best "sniper" hits at "Open-air theater". This band is the integral part of the Russian rock music. The permanent leader of collective Diana Arbenina made a significant contribution to development of the Russian musical culture during 20 years. More than 20 years she lives a rock'n'roll and goes on tour together with the group worldwide.of 

Concerts   The Green Theatre   11 July - 20:00   
ticket: 20-90 AZN  
Concert of "Boombox" band
Concert of "Boombox" band

On August, the 1st in Baku will take the next concert of the Ukrainian group "Boombox"! A cheerful Ukrainian band in colorful baseball caps and wide trousers - "Boombox". This collective came to Baku with concerts earlier. Their music - is a mix of different musical directions. It's not funk and not a jazz, not hip-hop and not pop music, and not rock. It is something special. Lyrical sounds of acoustic guitar, pathetic vocal – it is some secrets of this group.   

Concerts   The Green Theatre   01 August - 20:00  
ticket: 20-90 AZN  

Opening of VI Kara Karayev's Musical Festival
20 April   Philarmony  

ADDA project
19 April   Otto  

Concert of Anton Belyaev and Therr Maitz group
19 April   International Mugam Centre  

Concert of choral chapel
16 April   Philarmony  

Concert of State Piano Trio
16 April   Chamber and organ music hall  

Concert of Franz Schubert's compositions
14 April   Philarmony  

Concert devoted to the 75 anniversary of Vagif Mustafazadeh
10 April   H.Aliyev's Palace  

Evening of cello music
07 April   Philarmony  

Concert of "Orient Xpress"
03 April   Baku Jazz Center  

Concert "Welcome, Novruz"
25 March   H.Aliyev's Palace  

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03 April 2015 - 21:00   Buta Palace
 - photo 1 - photo 2
13 February 2015 - 20:00   H.Aliyev's Palace
 - photo 1 - photo 2
Concert of L'One 07 February 2015 - 22:00   Opera Sky
Concert of L'One - photo 1Concert of L'One - photo 2
Tribute to Rock 19 October 2014 - 18:00    Otto
Tribute to Rock - photo 1Tribute to Rock - photo 2

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Baku Jazz Center

Aid's concert 26 April - 18:00   
Concert of Vlad Stashevsky 29 May - 21:00   

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