Poster Concerts BEL SUONO SHOW

BEL SUONO SHOW is a sparkling mix of classics, pop music, rock, and even movie soundtracks: creations that are loved by the audience through many ages and
generations. Perhaps your grandparents’ house keeps an old dusty and untuned piano which is covered with a vintage spread and is long-forgotten by all the family members. The children have already grown up and the last piece was played on the day of your 12th birthday.

Such a sad occurrence happened because you have never been to the BEL SUONO show! Three handsome young men create an atmosphere, unlike anything you have ever seen before. BEL SUONO was founded in 2011 and produces a unique combination of classical and modern music. The main aim is to eradicate listeners’ stereotype about the ‘‘boring’’ classical music. BEL SUONO has become a pure enjoyment and pleasure for the audiences. The trio works its hypnotic powers while they create a magical cocktail of music with Ravel’s “Bolero”, Antonio Vivaldi, The “Game of Thrones” soundtrack and Hungarian dance. Accompanied by jokes and stories, the show simply flies by.

The atmosphere of the show is imbued with energy that involves every listener in the ensemble of rhythm and sounds. The light effects, the stage scenery, and the music – all comply with the highest international level.

20 Декабря - 20:00


Sophisticated art lovers and connoisseurs are waiting for the Baku autumn, with a wide variety of jazz improvisations