Poster Theatre
Performance "The Vizier of Lenkoran khanate"

On a scene of Russian Dramatic Theatre performance - "the Vizier of Lenkoran khanate", on the basis of the product of Mirza Fatali Ahundov will take place. The director of the comedy in 2 acts is the national actor of Azerbaijan A.Sharovsky, the composer - Chingiz Almaszade.

Performance "These free butterflies"

Performance statement "These free butterflies", based on the product of Leonardo Gersh with the same name will take place on the scene of RDT. The melodrama consists of 2 actions. Transfer from English-Mihail Mishin.

Performance "Shoes for the Cinderella"

On October, 2nd, on a scene of Russian Drama Theatre will be put a performance on the fairy tale of Valentine Reznikova- with the same name "Shoes for the Cinderella".

Performance "Poor son of the millionaire"

The young, very talented and presented guy, dreaming to grow rich and become the millionaire, cannot find work and begs. Complaining of the destiny, and dreaming of that, as though he would like to be born anew and in a rich family, he gets to an unreal situation...

Performance "Jealous hearts"

On a scene of Theatre of the Musical comedy will take place performance of R.Mirishli and M.Ahverdiev  "Jealous hearts". Director Jusif Akberov, on motives of the product of Marat Ahverdiev with the same name.

Perfofmanse "Men deyerem min javana"

The image of  "Meshadi Ibad" is always actual. And to this day in a society around and entirely there are cases of marriages between very young girls with elderly men. And this performance about an internal life of one university in which train in all except a science and knowledge.

The performance "The Star for everyone"

On the scene of the Azerbaijan State Theatre of the Musical comedy will take place performance "The Star for everyone".


On a scene of the Azerbaijan State Theatre of dolls of Abdulla Shaig will be put performance "Chipollino" on the fairy tale of Rodari with the same name .

Performance "Brave Ahmed"

On the scene of the Azerbaijan State Theatre of dolls will be presented performance on the fairy tale of T.Agaev "Brave Ahmed".

The Performance "Aladdin"

The vizier of sultan Agraby Jafar searches for a long time for an ancient artefact — a magic lamp with the Genie inside. It is known that receive it can only one person, and he is the street pilferer from Agraby, Aladdin.


On a scene of the Azerbaijan State Theatre of dolls of Abdulla Shaig will be put the performance "Melikmamed".  Performance is put on motives of the fairy tale with the same name of E.Bahysh of "Melikmamed". The performance basis is made by cheerful and fascinating history which urges us to become a little kinder and more generous.

"Chik-Chik hanum"

On a scene of Theatre of dolls of Abdulla Shaig will be put the performance on the fairy tale of A.Samedli with the same name "Chik-Chik xanum". In performance it will be a question about f sparrow which deceiving to all, searches and finds to itself benefit.

Performance "Mixed sensetives"

How many time in a life the person is capable to endure feeling of true love? And what it means - true love? The author - Richard Baer. The Love story in 2 acts.

Performance "One more Jackson or too much"

Performance, which already more than a year makes improbable success in Theatre of Russian Drama will be presented you. A comical situation on a theme: "What  does a wife, while her husband on business trip?" The author - Herbert Berger. 

The performance "Silva"

On a scene of the Azerbaijan State Theatre of the Musical comedy will pass a performance display on motives of the product of outstanding playwright Imre Kalman with the same name "Silva".

The performance "Little Red Hood"

In a fairy tale is told about the girl whom the grandmother has presented a red hat, for what and have nicknamed it the Little Red Hood. Once mum has sent the girl to carry pies to the grandmother. In wood the Little Red Hood has met the Wolf who learns from the girl where there lives its grandmother.

Performanse "Sheytanin yubileyi"

The young man, decides to become famous and grow rich by all means. Not important what price and what a victim to it should be brought. On work, among friends and acquaintances he known as "sheytan", as the unscrupulous person who will be ready to do anything for the sake of achievement of the purposes.

Performance "Alyn yazisi"("Fate")

On November, 14th, at the State theatre of a song of R.Bejbutova, in connection with reconstruction of the Azerbaijan Drama Theatre, will be put performance "Alyn yazisi"("Fate").

View from the Bridge

About love the uncountable set of creations has been created... But this performance - about love which pushes on crimes. It is a question of New York, about loader Eddi, his wife Beatrice, niece Ketrin.

Performance "Misyo Zhordan vya Djarvish Myastali Shah"

In connection with reconstruction Azerbaijan Drama theatre performance will pass at the stage of Theatre of Music Comedy.




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