Poster Exhibitions
14th Azerbaijan International Healthcare Exhibition- BIHE 2008

The BIHE 2008 exhibition is held with support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation and Azerbaijan Stomatological Association ASA.

2nd Azerbaijan International Exhibition on "Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine"- Beauty Azerbaijan 2008

The Beauty Azerbaijan 2008 exhibition is held with support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation and Azerbaijan Stomatological Association ASA.

6th Caspian International Exhibition Furniture, Interiors and Design- Caspian MebelExpo 2008

Sections of the exhibition: furniture; interios and design; furniture manufacturing and woodworking; hometex.

2nd Azerbaijan International Education and Career Exhibition and Conference

There will be the 1st Azerbaijan International Book Fair in the frame of the exhibition on October 2-4. The book fair will present scientific and literary publications of the Republic and foreign countries.

Bakutel 2008

Today, telecommunications sector is one of the key factors in economic growth.
It defınes development of the modern society, contributes into transition of Azerbaijan economy to
innovative development model and determines position of our country in the global community.
During last years Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition strengthens its position
and attracts the largest Azerbaijan and foreign communication equipment manufactures, operators and
service providers.

Personal Exhibition of Hashin Elchiev

In connection with 60-year-old anniversary of artist Hashin Elchiev in the Modern art Center in a current of week there will pass a personal exhibition of the artist. At an exhibition will be presented about 40 works, in a genre of Agiplakata. The basic theme of works is connected with economy and a policy.

Exhibition "Shergden Sherge"

14 numbers of this month have taken place opening of an art exhibition under the name "Shergden Sherge", and will proceed till December, 14th. At an exhibition participate works of such artists as - Altai Gadzhiev, Nusret Gadzhiev, Arif Gusejnov, Orhan Gusejnov and Rafis Ismailov. The basic theme of pictures - is the East: characters of East fairy tales, East cities, writers and poets of the East.

Ways leaders to independence!

In the Museum Center will take place opening of the photo-exhibition devoted 90 years of Independence of Republic Poland. An exhibition passing under the name "Ways leaders to independence!", will proceed 3 days.

Memory Exhibition of Senan Gurbanov

In the modern art centre, will take place an opening of an exhibition of works of the known Azerbaijan sculptor, Sjananj Gurbanov. The exhibition initiated to his memories, will proceed till December, 5th. We will notice that S.Gurbanov is the author of a bas-relief M.Rastropovicha who hangs at an input in a house museum of the last.

Personal Exhebition of Elijar Alimirzoev

In gallery "Gyz Galasy" there will pass an exhibition of works of deserved Azerbaijan artist Elijar Alimirzoev. The basic theme of works of the artist - the free drawing and painting.

The exhibition "Faces of human right"

On 10th of December in the modern art Center opening of photo-exhibition of Swiss photographer Etre will take place. The exhibition under the name "Faces of human right" will proceed in a current of week, up to 17th.

The Personal Exhibition of young artists Nezrin and Fidan

We want to inform you that on the next week, November 30 at 1pm there is going to be an Annual Painting Exhibition. Exhibition is presented by two young, professional and very talented painters-sisters Nezrin and Fidan Gasimli.

Personal Exhibition Gulhana Beydemira

On 5th of December in the Baku centre of arts opening сalligraphic exhibitions of Gjulhana Bejdemira will take place. We will note that G.Bejdemir, in 1970 has arrived in State Art school a name of Azima Azimzade. Per 1971-1973 at passing military service in Khabarovsk territory (city of Khabarovsk) opened the first personal exhibition (1972) and the same year take participation in an art exhibition of Khabarovsk territory and for a landscape executed by a water colour has been awarded the second place.

Memorial evening of Udzhal Ahverdiev

In the Baku Center of Modern Art  will pass a memorial evening devoted to artist Udzhal Ahverdiev. At evening will take place the site presentation, opening a life and creativity of the great artist. At an exhibition will be the presentation books and expositions about its work.

Photo-exhibition of Tuba Oztekin

Photo-exhibition of the American artist of a Turkic origin of Tuba Oztekin will pass on December, 15th in exhibition salon of the Museum centre. The tuba Oztekin is the known photographer all over the world. Her works have been presented to the USA, Russia, Mexico. Works of the photographer differ a certain mystical imagination and secret.

Exhibition of products of Meissen

In shop Royal Home there will pass an exhibition of products from German porcelain of mark Meissen. Meissen - the mark which is letting out elite porcelain, considered for today the best in the world. Artists from Germany which in practice will show manufacturing of works will be special visitors at an exhibition. We will notice that all subjects are made manually, the individual order of products is possible.

The Presentation of the book "Magic Realism"

In exhibition hall "the modern art Center" will take place book presentation about Eshref Muradove "Magic realism". The author of the book is Grigory Annisimov.

Photo-exhibition Focus

On December, 20th, in a showroom of Jaradan has opened the photo-exhibition of modular expositions of three young artists. Azra Vardar, Hikmet Abdulllaev and Farid Aliev have presented the best works at an exhibition. The exhibition will proceed to 26 numbers.

The exhibition - «Harmony of winter»

In Baku the exhibition of visual art «Harmony of winter» opens. It is last stage of a grandiose cycle "the Seasons" spent by gallery of the Museum centre of Azerbaijan since 2006. In an opening day will take part both known artists, and young, beginning the way in art authors. The project "Seasons" has been presented in November, 2006 by an opening day of "the Paint of autumn», caused steadfast interest of experts, leaving far for frameworks standard, apparently, to a seasonal exposition.



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