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Theatre of young spectator

Azerbaijan State Theatre Young Spectator (433 places) - professional theater for childrens audience. Created in 1928 as a Theatre of Baku child. Since 1936,function as Azerbaijan State Theatre younger audience. Since 1932, in the theatres repertoire works azeri authors: "In the street" (J. Jafarov, S. Melikeganov), "Speed" (A. Atayev), etc. In 1940, in Moscow at all-USSR festival of Young theaters, our theatre get a well-deserved prize with performances as "Partisan Mamed"(S.Rahman, A.Iskenderov) and "Seyran"(E.Atayev, A.Ahmedov). For younger students developed theatrical fairy tale genre, which combines folklore and fantasy with elements of contemporary reality ( "Snow Queen"- Swartz, "12 months"-Marshak); adventure plays, comedies at the core repertoire for teenagers.  


Address: 72, Nizami str.
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