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CityLife.az is one of the most popular sites in the Azerbaijani segment of the Internet, the main site dedicated to the announcement of entertainment events, the largest catalog of restaurants, clubs, and other recreation facilities. CityLife is a well-known brand that operates since 2008 and has managed to gain confidence and is popular with visitors and advertisers in Azerbaijan.



  • Kitchen:European
  • Address:14A, Khaqani str.
Yacht club
  • Kitchen:Azerbaijan
  • Address:108, Neftchiler ave.
Kn House
  • Kitchen:
  • Address:Salatin Askerovas str., 161
The Albion Club & Concert Hall
  • Kitchen:International
  • Address:
Swatch 1
  • Kitchen:
  • Address:20, 28 May str.
Gallery for kids
  • Kitchen:
  • Address:62, I.Ismaylov str.