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Azerbaijan State Puppet Show named Abdullah Shaig (210 seats),was formed in 1931. In different years it was acted as: Independent Theatre (1931-1941; 1946-1950); Azerbaijani theater of young spectator (1941-1946)and within Azerbaijan State Philharmonic (1950). Since 1965 -Independent Theatre. There are Azerbaijani and Russian offices. In the first period there were put on theatre stage Azerbaijani, Russian and Western European theatrical plays, the Azerbaijani peoples oral literary motifs: "Haji Kara" (Akhundov), "Almas"(J. Dzhabarly), "Iskander and shepherd", "Karlik", " Nargiz”(M.Seid-zade), etc. Since 60-70 years theatre began to present repertoire for small children, schoolchilds. Since 1975, theatre put on stage plays for adult viewers: "Three tales" (A. Shaig), "Twin brothers" (H. Zia), "This house whose house?" (R.Geydar) and etc. In 1974 theater was given the name of A.Shaig. In theatrical representations operate puppets (large and flat), driven by actor-puppeteers, hidden from viewers fronts. Many forms of representations are determined distinguish types of dolls, their management: puppets (dolls at threads), crown dolls (gloves), mechanical. Dolls come in size from a few centimetres to double human growth. The distinction forms and patterns driven by perceptions of national tradition, the specifics dramatic-stage tasks. Beginning of theater puppets- in pagan rites, plays with materialized symbols of gods, personification unknown forces of nature.

Address: 36, Neftchiler ave.
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