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Memorial museum of Nariman Narimanov

The memorial museum of the famous playwright and Doctor Nariman Narimanov was opened on November 6 in 1977. The Museum is located at the house, which had been built by the project of architect M.M.Ismaylov and belonged to the merchant Babayev.
On the second floor of this house Nariman Narimanov had lived with his family since 1913 up to 1918.
The exposition of the museum is situated in 4 rooms: the dining-room, living-room, bedroom and a study. The common area of the exposition is 96 sg.m.
In the first room we could get information about his youth-ages, his study in famous Gori seminary and his activity as a teacher by means of writers rare family photos, and some state documents.
In the second room there are materials about Narimanovs study at the Medical Institute in Odessa.
The third room is kept as it was during Narimanovs life-time. Here you can see some memorial things of the writer.
In the fourth room you can see the study of the writer, his medical cupboard, the stand, and his medical instruments.
The most seminal period in Narimanovs creative activity is a last decennial event of the XIX centure. In this time he wrote the history drama Nadirshah, comedy Shamdan-bek, play Ignorance, novel Bahadur and Sona.
More than 5000 exhibits, publication of books, original photos, autographs, genealogy of the Narimanovs is kept in the fund of the museum. Narimanovs day of birthday and the most noteworthy days of his creative activity are celebrated in the museum every year.

Address: 35 Istiglaliyyat st.
Phone: (994 12) 492-05-15
Working hours: Munday - Saturday 10.00 - 18.00