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House-museum of Jalil Mammadguluzade

The decree about the foundation of the J.Mammedguluzades house museum was issued in 1978. But the museum was inaugurated on 29 of December in 1994, after Haydar Aliyevs decision about the celebration of poets 125th birthday anniversary.
In a scientific fund of the museum more than 3000 exhibits are kept, 500 of them are in exposition. The exposition of the museum consists of 5 rooms of the house with the whole area 125 sq.m.
The first room of the exposition lightens the childhood, youth-ages and his period of study.
The second room is memorial drawing-room of the writer. In this room there are illustrations made by Azeri illustrator-artist on the theme of Jalil Mammedguluzades stories.
The third room is the writers memorial bedroom with corresponding interior and furniture.
The forth room of the exhibition gives us information about creative activity of the writer by means of family photos, books and historical documents. Right in this room one can see some illustrations devoted to the journalistic activity of J.Mammedguluzade, particularly interesting are those dealing with "Molla Nasraddin" magazines issues in Tebriz and Tiflis.
The fifth room is the poets study and at the same time it served as editorial office of the magazine "Molla Nasraddin". The exhibits are presented in this room reproduces the activity period of "Molla Nasraddin"; in 1923-32, shows us literary environment of that time.
In the museum J.Mammedguluzades Memory Days are celebrated annually.

Address: 56, Suleyman Tafhizade str.
Phone: (994 12) 492-24-09
Working hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 18.00