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Museum of azerbaijan literature named after Nizami Ganjavi

The whole area of the museum is 2500 sg.m. The exposition occupies 1409 sg.m, the scientific funds occupies 173 sg.m. Sculptures of the six famous representatives of Azerbaijan literature: Fizuli (sculptor F.Abdurrahmanov), Vagif (sculptor S.Klyatsky), M.F.Akhundov (sculptor P.Sabsay), Natavan (sculptor E.Tripolskaya), D.Mammedkulizade (sculptor N.Zakharov), J.Jabbarly (sculptor S.Klyatsky) are located on the front side of the museum. The sculptures give the building a pantheon-like appearance.
Isrucco moulding, latticed wooden windows, original furniture decorate the halls, where the Museums exhibits are displayed.
The memorial museum of literature, presenting Nizami Ganjevis epoch, was inaugurated in May 1945 in the festive days of the victories ending of the great Patriotic War. The present-day Museum of the history of Azerbaijan literature based in Nizami Museum and its collection of exhibits, was completed in 1967, the exposition was recreated in 2001-2003.
Nizami Ganjavi literary museum is one of the biggest and richest measure-houses of Azerbaijan culture. Valuable materials dealing with the history of Azerbaijan literature beginning from the very sources up to our days are kept in the museum.
Various valuable exhibits are on display in the halls of the museum. There are unique manuscripts of Azerbaijani as well as other Oriental poets, philosophers and scientists, samples of famous calligrapher handwritings, beautiful miniature illustrations, classics books, copies of pre-Revolutionary magazines and newspapers, contemporary copies of the books written by Azerbaijani authors and scientific papers in many European and Oriental languages. Also there are documentary photos and pictures, personal things of writers, interesting specimen of folk art, numismatic collections of coins of different epochs found in Azerbaijan, old rugs, various samples of material culture-ceramics bronzes and many other valuable exhibits connected with Azerbaijan peoples culture.
There are above 3000 literary and art exhibits in the 26 halls of the museum. Much attention is given to extracts from books, fragment from works of fiction, quotations of famous writer and scholars, biographic and other explanatory texts.
Not all the treasures of the Nizami Museum are displayed in the halls, its fund contains above 75 thousands different exhibits.

Address: 53 Istiglaliyyat st.
Phone: (994 12) 492-10-69
Working hours: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 18.00