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Samad Vurgun house-museum

Samad Vurgun House Museum is the first memorial museum established in Azerbaijan which Nominates the life and creative activity of the greatest Azerbaijan poet, twice state prize winner, a well-known playwright, a scientist and notable figure. The Museum is located on the third floor of the dwelling house, which had been built in the XIX century.Samad Vurgun had lived in this house till the end of his life. By the decree of Respublic Govern organizing the House-Museums in 1974 solemnly opening had been taken place on October 6, 1975, For years the museum was enriched with some new materials and made some investigations. The collection of materials is the main activity of the museum. This work is carried on according to several themes. Mainly according to these works memoriable things of Samad Vurgun original photos, drawing works, manuscripts, investigations, presents, passing years newspapers-and magazines have enriched the funds of museum, Nowadays the number of exhibits are more than 16000. Being a branch of the museum "Poetry House" makes activity in "Yukhari Salahli" rural in Qazax district. Museum also helps creating and extending other museums in Baku and Districts which are related to Samad Vurgun s name.

Address: 4, Tarlan Aliyarbekov str.
Phone: (994 12) 493-56-52
Working hours: 10.00 - 18.00