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Baku State Circus

Baku State Circus (2000 seats). Beginning of Azerbaijani circus art - in speeches at festivals rope-walkers, comic hero "spit-spit", appears on stilts. In 1945, in the republic was organized Azerbaijani circus team, which included the Azerbaijani pop artists, speakers with the circus numbers, and members of amateur talent groups. In teams work, along with circus artists participate Azerbaijani composers, poets, choreographer, artists. Since 1946, Azerbaijani circus regularly toured on the Soviet Union. In 1959 command plead with the programme "We are from Baku" in Moscow. With program "The sunrise over the rock” they toured in Western Europe, Asia, Africa, America. In 1967,in Baku was built new circus building.

Address: 68, S.Vurgun str.
Phone: (+994 12) 597-28-48, 597-25-95
Working hours: 10:00-19:00
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