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Azerbaijan Museum of Independence

Azerbaijan Museum of Independence was established on January 9, 1991. The basic object of the museum is to reflect struggle of the Azeri people of indepence since the time immemorial to nowdays, as well as to provide the insight of current historic and cultural developments in the country.

 Exhibition is laid our in 6 halls :

Hall 1 covers the period since the most ancient times to the XIX century.
Hall 2 is dedicated to the events of late XIX-early XX century.
Hall 3 shows liberation movement in the Southern Azerbaijan in the first of the XX century.
Hall 4 demonstrates Azerbaijan duringStalins purges and WW2.
Hall 5 is dedicated to the liberation movement in Azerbaijan in the end of the XX century and the war in Garabah.
Hall 6 shows the modern history of our republic and tells the life of Heydar Aliyev.

 The museum stocks have a collection more than 20 thousand exhibits including sculptured monuments, paintings, various utensils, maps, coins, stamps, photos, personal belongings, books, and magazines.


Address: 123a, Neftchilar Avenue
Phone: (+994 12) 493-30-17, 598-43-94
Working hours: 09.00 - 18 Tuesday - Sunday
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