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House-museum of Huseyn Javid

The house-museum of the famous poet - philosopher, playwright Huseyn Javid was opened on November 25 in 1981. Working as a teacher in the seminary since 1920 H.Javid lived on the 3 floor of the seminarys building till June 4, 1937, that is to say, tills his arrest.
The common area of the museum is 245 sq.m. Exposition occupies 130 sq.m., funds - 12 sq.m. A fund of the museum has got 4250 exhibits. The house-museum consists of 4 rooms and a foyer.
The foyer begins with the description of the planet named after Huseyn Javid. The model of the monument to Javid by people’s artist, sculptor O.Eldarov in Baku is presented here. Triptych, created by the peoples artist O.Sadygzadeh introduces visitors with literary heroes Javid’s world.
"Javids tragedy"- this is a title of the third room. The things are the same as they were in those days when the poet was alive: writing-table, fragments of letters from exile in Siberia, Sadygzadehs illustration devoted to victims of 1937 year repression, Javids "Last work". The documentary photos of bringing back to Baku from Siberia Javids corpse, of the process of burying in Nakhchivan are also among the exhibits of the third room.
The publications of his works, play-bills of performances, A.Hajiyevs illustrations to Javids work "The last summer", artist A.Aliyevs illustrations to "Iblis" (Demon), artist A.Kerimovas the carpet and other exhibits are demonstrated in the house-museum of Huseyn Javid.

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