9 AY

What is a "9" Ay ?
Azerbaijan joined in the 21 century with noisy cheerful commemorative wedding steps. If you wonder matter how many weddings your relatives, friends, girlfriends, neighbors, co-workers, you have visited in the last year or two, you are unlikely to be able to name the exact figure, if not look in innermost notebook or stack to the invitation, that hidden somewhere hillock for family pictures.
There have been many weddings and all of them at least had something different. Aside from the well-known to all of us, there is one set of very important similar detail, which makes any pair of newlyweds in this family - this is a gift of God, the birth of a child.
This crucial event preceded by very responsible 9 months, during which the future Mothers wants to look effekt and attractive.
For this purpose, there is a boutique "9 Ay".
We provide a unique opportunity for future Mothers to dress in a club  boutique ,where everything is aimed at satisfying the most demanding of your whims.

Given to You the first of its kind Azerbaijani high-brand clothing for pregnant women. We are working exclusively with high-quality fabrics, and most used loud names in the world of modern fashion. Workshops for the production of our products are in Europe and it is give us the opportunity to look boldly into the eyes sophisticated Beauty Azerbaijan.

Pregnancy makes every woman beautiful. Our task is to stress! "9ay"


Address: 11A Inshaatchilar ave
Phone: (+994 12) 538-44-22, (+994 50) 724-09-09
Working hours: 10:00-20:00
Range: Maternity
Features: Payment by credit cards
Site: 9ay.az
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