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Spiritual Seasons Folk Band Concert

Powerful medieval & celtic melodies, poetic nordic ballads combined with an energizing and endearing performance! Since 2004 Spiritual Seasons have been touring Europe & Asia, boosting good energy with their positive contagious appearence. They are guaranteed to make you dance, sing and smile! The band have released twelve albums and played more than a thousand concerts.

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Yacht club
  • Kitchen:Azerbaijan
  • Address:108, Neftchiler ave.
Chayki Restaurant
  • Kitchen:European
  • Address:Neftchiler ave,24/1
  • Kitchen:International
  • Address:106, F.Xan Xoyskiy str.
The Albion Club & Concert Hall
  • Kitchen:International
  • Address:
  • Kitchen:
  • Address:"Park Bulvar", Seafront Boulevard, Neftchilar ave.
  • Kitchen:
  • Address:2, U.Hajibekov str.