Moscow Metro: The Big Circle Line Became the Longest in the World

On March 1, the Big Circle Line (Bolshaya Koltsevaya), designed to expand and modernize the subway system, mainly to relieve traffic congestion on the Circle Line (Koltsevaya Line) and reduce traffic jams in Moscow, finally became fully operational. The Big Circle Line is 70 kilometers long, with 31 stations and three electric depots.

The longest circular subway line was built in record time. The first section was opened in 2018, followed by several in 2021, including the longest metro section in Moscow's history, 21 km long with 10 stations.

Unique design and engineering solutions allowed the seamless integration of the subway circle line into the unified city infrastructure. The Big Circle Line integrates all existing and prospective radial lines of the subway and provides interchanges to other modes of transport. Alternative routes were created, including 47 connections to other lines, allowing passengers to get from one point of the city to another, bypassing the need to transfer to the center,” said Sergey Melikov, Head of the International Relations Department of Big Circle Line. He added, “Used architectural solutions are consistent with the times: traditional, modern, simple, complex, serious, and ironic.”

All high-tech services of the Moscow Metro will be available to the passengers of the Line, including the most convenient ways to pay: the Moscow Metro ticketing system was twice recognized as the world's smartest by the prestigious international Transport Ticketing Award (2020, 2021). Each turnstile on the Line accepts travel and bank cards, and two turnstiles in each lobby will accept biometric payments.

The Big Circle Lane also features well-equipped trains that create a comfortable environment for work and tourism. They have wide doors, passages between the cars, USB sockets for charging, informational displays, and air conditioners with an air disinfection system. Comfort is also provided by improved noise insulation and adaptive lighting, which changes color temperature depending on the time of day.

The Big Circle Line is a project that will significantly improve travel for all residents and guests of the capital. The Line extends through 34 districts, home to 3.3 million people - 30% of Moscow's population. 1.2 million Muscovites now have a new subway station within walking distance. New transportation links between districts will save people up to 45 minutes daily.

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