Riding Centers and Farms in Baku

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Have you ever wanted to practice an activity that is simultaneously recreational, family-friendly, and an ancestral tradition of Azerbaijani people? You’re welcome, because we’ve got exactly what you are seeking for. We offer you horse riding, and everything that goes along. Discover our selection of the best horse riding clubs and farms in Baku!

1) Omar’s Riding Club

The club offers a variety of equestrian activities, such as riding, lessons, competitions, summer camps, training programs for riders and horses. It is open from 10:00 to 22:00, every day of the week, to all levels of riders, from beginners to experienced ones. The entrance is a beautiful archway. Since it’s also a park, the entry is about 5 manat (and free for children under age of 3). On the demain is a large lake, with a wooden stilts restaurant named, where you can appreciate a juicy beverage, a fairly affordable meal, or simply sips of delicious azerbaijani tea. Boat rides, coach rides and also fish around.

Address : Mehdiabad settlement


2) Bina Equestrian Center

The center has a number of facilities for riders and horses, and modern cottages where it is possible to rest and prolongate your stay. Horses are well cared and trained to meet the needs of riders of all abilities. Binə Atçılıq Mərkəzi also organises riding competitions and noctural shows. The events are open to the public and are great opportunities to see talented riders in action. The club is open all year round and offers activities for children and adults. Staff is professional and friendly, assuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience for all visitors.

Address : Mardakan, 63, near the airport


3) Elite Horse & Polo Club

It is considered one of the best equestrian clubs in the region and is very popular for its polo games. The club organises polo competitions all throughout the year. Polo is an equestrian team sport involving two teams of four players. Players ride their horses and score points by driving a ball into the opposing team's goal with a long-handled mallet. In addition to the equestrian activities, the club also has a restaurant and café, where members can relax and enjoy the stunning views of the polo fields and stables. National and international competitions are regularly organised, attracting competitors from many countries.

Address : Mardakan, 63


4) Murad’s Farm House

The club has a team of qualified and experienced professionals to look after riders of all abilities, as well as a large number of quality horses to suit different needs and levels of riding. It has many high quality facilities including indoor and outdoor riding arenas, galloping tracks, show jumping areas, spacious paddocks and modern stables with all the necessary comfort for horses. The club is set in pleasant natural surroundings, it’s the perfect place for outdoor picnics. Completely free entrance.

Address : Buzovna


5) Eko farm

This one is a more ‘down-to-earth’ club, focusing on authenticity. Far from the noises of the city, industry and offices, it’s a great place to spend serene time and eat. The club offers programs for children from the age of 6, allowing them to discover pony riding and develop their passion for horses. Eko Farm is also known for its commitment to environmental protection and animal welfare. The club's horses are well cared and the facilities are built in a sustainable manner to minimise environmental impact. There’s also a local lake, and motorboat drives are available.

Address : Dubendi road, Khazar


6) Baku Golden Horse Therapeutic and Educational Center

This center offers a variety of therapeutic programs for children with physical and mental disorders. Equine therapy is a form of animal-assisted therapy in which children interact with horses to improve their motor skills, coordination, balance and self-confidence. The center has a team of qualified professionals of equine therapy, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and psychologists, who work together to provide children with a holistic approach of treatment. They promote proper physical education and sports in the development of the child, for an healthy generation.

Address : Baku State Racecourse Square


7) Baku Horse Club

Unique to offer this service, this club gives the possibility to get off the usual beaten tracks and live an incredible experience with their horses through the means of riding on the beach and even in the sea. The club's instructors are experienced and qualified professionals who will fit in and adapt to each riding skills’ to make you progress at your own pace. In addition to that, photoshoots are provided, and for special events, such as birthdays or weddings, you will be able to have your picture taken by professional photographers.

Address : 5 Najaf Narimanov

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