8 places in Baku where you can eat the tastiest burgers

  • 29.06.2023
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Simple and versatile, a combination of pleasing textures, burgers can very well be highly refined as well and make an exquisite meal. That's why we've put together our selection of the 8 best burger spots in Baku, so you can appreciate your experience at your best.

1) Burger Factory

Burger Factory is a small and welcoming venue offering a burger-centric dining experience. The menu features classic burgers, crispy chicken options, and innovative flavor combinations. Burgers are prepared with premium meats, fresh vegetables, flavorful cheeses and delicious sauces. In addition to burgers, they offer tasty crispy fries, onion rings, fresh salads and a selection of drinks including milkshakes and soft drinks to complete your meal. The atmosphere is often casual and modern, offering a pleasant setting in which to relax and enjoy your experience.

Address : Yusif Mammadaliyev 6b Sea Breeze, Nardaran

2) Meatadore

Restaurant Meatadore is a dedicated establishment in Baku, masters on offering a gastronomic experience focused on grilled high-quality meats. The menu focuses on tasty, juicy meats, prepared with care and expertise. You'll find a variety of premium cuts, such as steaks, lamb chops, grilled chicken. We personnaly recommend you tryout the special «Lord of the Rings» Burger and «Jetlag Buster». When it comes to service, Meatadore is known for its professionalism. Staff is attentive and professional, ready to meet your needs and advise you.

Address : Z. Taghiyev 6A (Center) C. Jabbarli 38 (Caspian Plaza)

3) Fryday

Fryday is a popular restaurant chain in Azerbaijan, specializing in fast food dishes burgers and fried chicken. Fryday's menu includes a selection of burgers, from classics to more daring options, sidings with original toppings and sauces, and 1+ drink. Fryday also offers other fast food dishes such as wraps, hotdogs, chicken wings, salads and milkshakes. Vegetarian options also available for those wanting meat-free alternatives.

Address : Several

4) Boom Burger

Boom Burger is a well-empointed address delivering fast and delicious food, notably burgers. You can find classic burgers with juicy beef, crispy chicken burgers. Moreover, in addition to burgers, they deliver a wide range of different dishes for those who prefer alternatives. You can enjoy a selection of refreshing drinks to accompany your meal. Customers generally appreciate the quality of the ingredients used by Boom Burger and the flavor of their burgers. Service is generally efficient and fast, using Wolt, BoltFood, or Fooderos.

Address : A.M. Sharifzade 71 Azerbaijan Ave. 57


5) Dineburger

Dineburger is a well-known restaurant in Baku. It is appreciated by burger lovers for its tasty creations. Burgers are prepared with fresh, quality ingredients, and you can customize them like in McDonald’s by removing specific layers of ingredients in them. The restaurant pays particular attention on cleanliness and quality of its ingredients. It's an ideal place for a quick meal on your own.

Address : Ganjlik Mall, 3rd floor


6) Burger House

Burger House offers a distinguished and elegant ambience on contemporary decor, comfortable and sophisticated setting for dining, whether it's a romantic dinner, a family outing or a business meal. Burgers are accompanied by fresh toppings such as vegetables, savory cheeses and homemade sauces, giving an explosion of flavor in every bite. Delicious sides such as onion rings, fresh salads, shrimps, etc, to round off your meal.

Address : Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev 18


7) Burger bey

At Burger Bey, you can expect to find a varied selection of burgers. Burgers are made with quality ingredients, and are often accompanied by delicious toppings, tasty cheeses and homemade sauces. In addition, masterclasses are held such as workshops for children where they learn to make burgers themselves and choose their favorite ingredients. It’s a wonderful activity if you come with family.

Address : Nizami str. 62 - Mardakan. Sergey Yesenin 76c


8) HOPDADDY Burger

Hopdaddy Burger is an influent Turkish chain of several restaurants in Turkey with an antenna in Baku. It's renowned for its quality burgers and variety of flavors satisfying everyone's cravings. The restaurant offers a comfortable setting in which to enjoy a delicious meal, whether it's a night out with friends, a meal with family or a quick bite to eat. It's an ideal place to enjoy a good meal with friends or family.

Address : Khagani st. 69

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