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  • 30.06.2023
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The city's art galleries have developed and are now a vital component of its diverse cultural scene. Baku's art galleries will take you on an interesting journey whether you're a connoisseur or just appreciate the beauty of art. Every gallery offers a distinctive experience that captures the vibrant artistic essence of the city, from cutting-edge exhibits to age-old treasures.


1) Qgallery

During its existence, the Maiden Tower Gallery has turned into a real center of art and has become an important part of the cultural life of the country. The gallery serves many important purposes, such as collective, commercial, specialized and representative. The main directions of its activity are education and an attempt to acquaint visitors with the Azerbaijani fine arts of different eras. In addition to paintings by Soviet classics and nonconformists, the gallery also presents contemporary works of art, represented by the work of a certain group of artists. The gallery strives to acquaint viewers with the art of our people, cultivate artistic taste, form the Azerbaijani market of contemporary art, all this is important for the gallery's activities. To do this, he supports current trends in contemporary art and sets the vector for its development.

2) Zaman Art Gallery

Creative place Zaman Art Gallery conveys the idea of merging time and art to create endless beauty. It functions as a stage for the presentation of contemporary art by domestic and foreign artists.. Zaman Art Gallery has established itself as the main gathering place for art lovers and collectors in Baku through its commitment to promoting artistic expression and cultural exchange.The atmosphere of Zaman Art Gallery is especially innovative and stimulating. The gallery conveys the beauty and spirit of the deep historical past. The interior and details of the gallery reflect the style of the Old Town and its historical components. In this place you get into the past while being in the present. Here, for the first time, timeless art is presented.


3) Nar Gallery

More than 300 Azerbaijani paintings can be found in the collection of Nar Gallery. It features a range of art movements, from realism to modernism, with a focus on artists who don't follow the rules. Landscapes, portraits, genre scenery and still lifes occupy a special place in the exhibition. Mikail Abdullayev, Sattar Bahlulzade, Tahir Salahov, Javad Mirjavadov and Togrul Narimanbekov are just a few authors whose work deserves attention. In addition, Nar Gallery takes part in foreign exhibitions, demonstrating Azerbaijani art. It is a testament to the artistic heritage of the nation and makes our world a happier and more peaceful place. Through its commitment to showcase Azerbaijani art and its dynamic exhibitions, Nar Gallery consistently delights art enthusiasts and enriches Baku's cultural environment.


4) Gazelli Art House

While bringing the message of the best worldwide artists to a large audience of both new and seasoned collectors, Gazelli Art House offers a fresh environment for contemporary art. The gallery offers unique opportunities for people to interact with contemporary art on a deeper level. These opportunities include exhibitions, talks, workshops, and tours that foster conversations and connections between artists, authors, experts, students, and novices.
The gallery focuses on presenting and showcasing exclusively international artists in the region, engaging further with a wider audience, and offering a platform for global debate. It implements the exhibition program from London.


5) Narjih Gallery

Contemporary and elegant, the Narjih Gallery offers a wide range of vibrant paintings, delicate sculptures and provocative installations. Entering the gallery, you find yourself in a place of self-expression and creativity. Narjih Gallery allows guests to explore the artist's point of view and interpretation of the world through a curated collection and intriguing installations. The Narji Gallery guarantees a special experience that honors the power of art, whether you're a seasoned art aficionado or a curious observer.


6) Museum of Modern Art

The outstanding avant-garde paintings and sculptures created in Azerbaijan between the second half of the 20th century and the present form the core of the museum. This is an assortment of sculptures and paintings that reflect the observations, explorations, and spirit of the human spirit. The museum also exhibits works of art by current masters from various nations in keeping with the integrity of international art. The classics of the Western avant-garde, including works by Picasso, Chagall, and others, are displayed in a separate chamber. Azerbaijani figurative artists who produced their iconic works during this time are also included in the collection. The fine works of youngsters are displayed as an illustration of inventiveness. The avant-garde artists' exhibition is continued in the museum's on-site restaurant and art cafe. The museum also has a film hall, an exhibition hall, an art gallery, and a bookstore on fine arts and architecture.


7) Baku Art Gallery

Baku Art Gallery is a beautiful art gallery where you can discover a fascinating array of colorful paintings, intriguing sculptures, and mixed-media installations in this alluring space. Designed to improve aesthetic appeal and create a relaxing atmosphere, the gallery's interior radiates elegance. The lighting illuminates each piece of art, creating a pleasant glow and revealing its individual story. The Baku Art Gallery showcases the skills of renowned and up-and-coming local artists. From abstract classics to thought-provoking modern art, the exhibits have it all. Experience Baku Art Gallery's artistic marvels, where inspiration, talent, and passion come together to create something unforgettable.

Baku Art Gallery was established in January 2006. The gallery is located in the Old City. The gallery is intended for private and public exhibitions and presentations. The goal is to promote Azerbaijani Art. The director of the gallery is Eldeniz Babayev.

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