The events of the fifth day of the 1st Baku International Piano Festival were the presentation of a new book by Tarlan Novrasli and a concert by Helge Lien


Tarlan Novrasli presented his new book "Qarabağıma gəl" to the accompaniment of lyrical music by Nargiz Aliyeva. Tarlan Novrasli is the author of about a thousand romantic philosophical poems, novels, poems, scientific articles, textbooks, programs, educational and methodical works, scientific papers published in various publications. Nargiz Aliyeva was awarded the Mozart medal of the European Academy of Sciences and the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Helge Lien gives not the first concert in Baku. The Baku public has already managed to appreciate and fall in love with this jazz trio. The outstanding pianist Helge Lien, the author-creator of the eponymous jazz trio, with his unique style and the spirit of Scandinavia, is on the stage of the "Baku International Piano festival"! In the author's compositions, a balance can be traced between the lyrical traditions of the classic Bill Evans to avant-garde improvisations, with elements of ethnic motives of the melancholy of the peoples of the north. Helge Lien, in unison with Johannes Eik (bass) and Knut Aalefjar (drums), creates a fabulously meditative atmosphere of chamber music, like a dialogue inside a jazz trio.

Famous Belgian jazz band Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio gave workshop and masterclass within the framework of the Baku Jazz Festival on October 20

The event aroused great interest on the part of Azerbaijani young musicians, who took an active part in communication with Belgian musicians.

Jazz contest for new stars

The aim of the international competition of young performers 'I am Jazzman' is to reveal the talent among young beginners musicians who obsessed by Jazz music.


Sophisticated art lovers and connoisseurs are waiting for the Baku autumn, with a wide variety of jazz improvisations