More jazz, more intellect!

Sophisticated art lovers and connoisseurs are waiting for the Baku autumn, with a wide variety of jazz improvisations. Jazz is the most democratic style, a way of life in the musical art, and a unique synthesis of ethnic cultures of the world. For vivid and unforgettable impressions, “BAKU JAZZ FESTIVAL - 2019” will present a variety of styles and trends: avant-garde, traditional classics, ethno-programs, and symphonic jazz! In addition, there will be applied thematic programs with master classes of musicians in free access, painting and photography exhibitions, and lectures on world cinematic jazz soundtracks.

All this will take place in the context of the festival motto - More jazz, more intellect! The festival operates at several venues: Landmark Business Center, Mugam Center, Musical Comedy Theater, Chamber and Organ Music Hall (Kirche). The highlight of jazz festivals is the midnight jam session, and the Baku festival supports these world festival traditions, rooted in the jazz composition “Round Midnight”, a standard “must-know” for jazz lovers. A variety of musicians will intersect with diametrically-cultural opposites, both in style and in musical directions on improvised platforms.

As a rule, jazz musicians perform impromptu sessions, never before recorded in unison, and this is an exclusive musical relish for the intellectual audience of jazz spectators. According to the conditional format, this is an impromptu examination session for any level of musicians and, above all, a chance for Azerbaijani jazzmen to demonstrate their potential. Unlike the previous years, this time there are midnight sessions with free entry for all intellectuals and connoisseurs of jazz. An extra-class sound engineer specializing in recording jazz concerts will again arrive from Austria. Everything was perfect with the sound by the masterwork at the level of European jazz clubs at previous festival. 

The future potential of young performers will be heard at the international jazz competition of young talents. Full information with the names of the jury, as well as with all the details for participating in the competition can be found on the festival website. For university students, the festival organizing committee provides a 50% discount concert tickets, they can be purchased at all box offices upon presentation of a student ID.

For all the details about the festival program information is available on the official website of the festival:

Performance of Hungarian jazz star Aron Talas in Baku

One of the best jazz pianists in Eastern Europe, Aron Talas, as part of the Aron Talas Trio, performed on the stage of the Baku Jazz Festival 2019.

Famous Belgian jazz band Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio gave workshop and masterclass within the framework of the Baku Jazz Festival on October 20

The event aroused great interest on the part of Azerbaijani young musicians, who took an active part in communication with Belgian musicians.

Jazz contest for new stars

The aim of the international competition of young performers 'I am Jazzman' is to reveal the talent among young beginners musicians who obsessed by Jazz music.