An incendiary evening with dances from the Spanish masters Max Villaveccia & Los Aurora at the Baku Piano Festival

  • 21.06.2023
  • 7485

  • Music

Dancing, Spanish passion, intensity of emotions and an amazing sense of rhythm in a windy Baku evening - this is a concert by Max Villaveccia & Los Aurora.

Max Villaveccia & Los Aurora is a flamenco-jazz project that experiments with traditional and modern genres, combining classical and author's approach. The author's vision in flamenco, a genre that has lost the fear of merging with other aesthetics. The combination of the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca and the traditional dance of Andalusia impresses with an unusual vision and spectacular performance. Max Villaveccia & Los Aurora managed to create an amazing show by giving the audience an exciting and passionate musical tour of the classical genres of Spanish music, interestingly complementing it with their improvisations, scoring the most popular flamenco songs and combining them with other genres. Their journey begins with flamenco and moves towards modern jazz, creating a unique and inimitable style of this group.

Most of all, the audience was impressed by the dancer Miranda Alfonso and her filigree visual embodiment in the dance of the performed motifs. Each measured movement of her dance and facial expressions emphasized the nuances and emotions of the performance, creating for the audience the effect of complete immersion in the atmosphere of the works.

The Baku International Piano Festival is not only the magical playing of piano and keyboard virtuosos, it is, first of all, a luxurious atmosphere that will inspire and enchant the most demanding music lovers, give vivid emotions.





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